Energy Efficient

Energy Saving Shades for Cutting Business Costs

‘Going green’ is much more than an environmentally conscious trend. It’s a way to reduce energy costs so your company can make more important investments. At BB Commercial Solutions, we consider saving energy a top priority not only for the earth’s sustainability, but also for our customers’ businesses––which is why we offer such a variety of top-performing energy efficient shades.

Those companies that install our energy efficient shades see a host of workplace improvements. In addition to effectively shielding employees, customers, and clients from distracting sun glare or disruptive and unevenly distributed heat, energy saving shades block UV rays, which protects valuable furniture and artwork, and lowers your need for expensive air conditioning.

Because each shade by Budget Blinds Commercial Solutions meets or exceeds the US Green Building Council’s LEED standards, you can choose freely from our energy efficient styles, each of which come in a vast array of colors, materials, textures, prints, finishes, and customization options.

By speaking with a BBCS commercial shade consultant, you will gain clarity about what kinds of window coverings best fit your company as well as what kinds of savings you can expect from switching to our national services. Be sure to ask about our motorization options, as well, for maximal efficiency of your human and workplace resources.