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Unlike “mom and pop” suppliers, our sole focus is providing full service, turnkey solutions for businesses. We have experience working with a variety of industries and understand how our strengths can help your business be even stronger. Partner with BB Commercial Solutions and you’ll see results.

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Industries We Serve


We expertly cater to the restaurant industry, offering a range of stylish and functional window treatments that enhance dining ambiance while providing practical light control and privacy.


For the hospitality sector, BB Commercial Solutions provides elegant and durable window treatments, enhancing guest comfort and the aesthetic appeal of hotels, resorts, and inns.


Specializing in creating bespoke window solutions for hotels, ensuring guest privacy, comfort, and an elevated aesthetic that complements each hotel's unique style..


In the healthcare industry, BB Commercial Solutions delivers window treatments that combine hygiene, privacy, and light control, contributing to a comfortable and healing environment for patients and staff.


For office environments, BB Commercial Solutions provides sleek and functional window treatments that enhance natural light management, privacy, and the overall productivity of the workspace.


BB Commercial Solutions offers tailored window treatment solutions for condominiums, blending style, privacy, and light control to complement the unique living spaces and communal areas.


In the retail sector, BB Commercial Solutions delivers visually appealing and practical window treatments that enhance product displays and shopper comfort while maintaining optimal light control.

Property Management

For property management firms, BB Commercial Solutions provides versatile and durable window treatments, ensuring aesthetic consistency and functionality across various properties under management.

New Construction

BB Commercial Solutions partners with new construction projects, offering expert guidance and quality window treatments to complement and enhance the design and functionality of newly built spaces.