Solar Shades

Solar Shades from BB Commercial Solutions

BB Commercial Solutions (BBCS) has a full line of solar shades and solar screens for commercial use. Our product, including Phifer’s SheerWeave® solar window shades block up to 99% of the sun’s heat and glare and they are one of the best ways to control energy costs. Our solar shades are also flame retardant, antimicrobial and a certified green product that is 100% recyclable.

Solar shades can help to provide your building with beautiful natural light and a striking design statement. Solar screens and shades can gracefully manage the heat and glare entering your building with Phifer SheerWeave® interior sun control fabrics. The light filtering qualities from Phifer SheerWeave® help to diffuse the light and reduce glare through your choice of fabrics, weaves, and colors. Reducing solar heat gain will create a more comfortable environment in any room without having to sacrifice the natural light and having to use expensive air conditioning systems. Solar shades and screens also help to reduce fading on interior décor such as furniture and flooring. Solar screens and shades made with lighter colors will reflect more of the sun’s rays and dark colors will offer an improved outside view with maximum glare reduction. Phifer SheerWeave® solar shades offered through BB Commercial Solutions provides a fixed selection of dynamic color, pattern and texture choices that can be combined into your own custom designs to perfectly fit your building or business.

Eco-friendly Solar Shades

Eco-friendly solar shades are considered a green window treatment because they help to lower emissions by creating a more comfortable environment without the use of heating and cooling systems. Phifer just recently began making their SheerWeave® 4000 with DOW ECOLIBRIUM™. Phifer’s new Ecolibrium technology gives the term, “green window treatments,” an entirely new aspect. The new eco-friendly solar shades from Phifer are made with bio-based plasticizers that offer a more sustainable option while providing the same great performance and feel of current materials. During construction these eco-friendly solar shades lower greenhouse gas emissions by 40% compared to current PVC compounds which helps in significantly lowering the carbon footprint that these shades produce. Along with their environmental sustainability, Phifer SheerWeave® interior sun control fabrics were the first to be certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) for superior indoor air quality performance. In addition to their GEI certification, these shades may also grant you LEED credits toward LEED certification. Although these solar shades are constructed in an entirely new and environmentally sustainable way, they maintain all of the established benefits of traditional vinyl such as durability, cleanability, and fabric longevity. Solar shades come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, weaves, and sizes. They can fit just about any window and are extremely practical window coverings because of their ease of use, their dependability, and their ability to save you money.

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