Commercial Blinds

Blinds from BB Commercial Solutions

BBCS carries the widest selection of horizontal and vertical blinds for commercial use. Horizontal blinds come in standard 1″ and 2″ mini blinds, wood blinds, cut down blinds and faux wood blinds. Vertical blinds include a wide variety of PVC-free selections. All of our commercial blinds offer flame retardant qualities and are certified green.

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal window blinds from BB Commercial Solutions are available in wood, faux wood/composite, and aluminum. Most commercial blinds from BB Commercial Solutions offer flame retardant qualities and are certified green. Wood blinds from BB Commercial Solutions are beautiful window coverings most of which are crafted from 100% North American hardwoods from certified forests and can be used in any setting or with any décor. If you are looking for more durable blinds with the same classic look as real wood; faux wood or composite horizontal blinds could be the perfect intermediate for you. Composite, also called faux wood blinds, have the same look and feel of real wood blinds but will stand up to humidity and abuse much longer than real wood blinds. Aluminum blinds are available in a wide spectrum of colors that will fit any color scheme or design statement your building is trying to achieve. Whether you choose composite, real wood, or aluminum blinds; you will welcome the warm and inviting feeling exuded by any building, office, or conference room that these blinds call home!

Vertical Blinds

BB Commercial Solutions takes pride in having a solution for any window covering situation you may have. Vertical window blinds are a great choice for any building that needs to cover a wide expanse of windows, or maybe even a sliding door. Vertical blinds are always a popular option because of their universal style and ease of use. Vertical commercial blinds offered through BB Commercial Solutions are available in an array of colors and materials that can accent any decorator’s scheme perfectly for all types of buildings. Vertical blinds are a proper solution for any large window that needs ventilation as well as covering for privacy and light control. Vertical blinds are made of anti-microbial material and are easy to clean and maintain in your business setting. Vinyl and wooden slats come in a spectrum of colors and can be the perfect emphasis to any room. Fabric blinds are just as numerous in color and are available in different fabrics and textures to suit your needs.
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