Commercial Drapes

Draperies from BB Commercial Solutions

A staple of home decorating, draperies have become an attractive option in commercial use for their ability to add style, privacy and sound control to public spaces. BBCS offers the largest variety of window drapes that meet commercial fire retardant standards, and motorization can be added to make them both child-friendly and easy to operate for older and disabled people.

Cubicle Curtain Drapes

Privacy curtains are found in the everyday office building to hospitals and hotels. The curtains are usually lightweight, unlined panels of fabric hung from a rod or track with the use of rings, or rod-pockets. Curtains can be floor length or customized to stop at the windowsill. Curtains, unlike drapes, do not stack back on a traverse rod, they need to be pulled back by hand and tied with a decorative cord or held with some type of tie-down adornment. Hospital curtains, also known as cubicle curtains are usually suspended from a track and are pulled by hand to induce or reduce privacy. BB Commercial Solutions can outfit your establishment with everything from bed skirts to cubicle curtains, even privacy and shower curtains if the need arises. All manners of style and color are at your disposal, and because the curtains are so easy to swap out, you can even change them with the season if you like!


Window drapes are the icing on the cake for any room. Interior decorators know that draperies can be used to perfection in any room, and in any setting. BB Commercial Solutions offers drapes for any and all sceneries, commercial drapes can be soft and velvety for a dreamy look or they can be crisp, and sharp for those with modern tastes. Drapery panels can be opaque and used to filter light or they can be made to blackout any room depending on the type of building or setting that the drapes are being used in. Every BB Commercial Solutions drapery treatment is made-to-order and custom for your business. Drapes from BB Commercial Solutions can add the perfect touch of sophistication and splendor to any room. If your workplace, hotel, resort, or office building is looking for an easy way to update its appearance, perhaps the best option could be to replace those old dull drapes with designer commercial drapes from BB Commercial Solutions!
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